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At Schneider, we take pride in, and place great value on our relationships with our network of over 8,000 carriers. We view our carrier network as an integral part of our business, and work closely to understand your needs so that we can map them to the needs of our customers.
Schneider has one of the largest sales forces in the industry working to fill your freight hauling capacity. The Schneider National FreightPlace software provides you with an easy and effective means to locate loads/shipments and negotiate contract terms via instant communication (“chatting”) with customer service representatives.
In addition, you can post your capacity and receive up-to-the-minute notification about new freight meeting your needs. By posting your available capacity on a daily basis, you can assist Schneider in identifying freight opportunities suited to your company. Understanding the pattern of your postings, the Schneider sales force can target freight prospects for you in the future.
To get started, select Post Capacity or Find Shipments.
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